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 A participatory online space where we practice re-connecting our wellbeing and our impact.

We can do this together. We can figure out how to re-connect our wellbeing & our impact so that we aren't constantly exhausted. So that we can both care for ourselves and take action for justice and equity in the world.

As someone who is deeply committed to making the world a better place, you probably already know how important your own wellbeing, and that of people around you, is…

You're not alone.

But so much in our cultures seems to works against us taking our wellbeing, and that of those around us, seriously.

The Replenishment Room is an online space where we can get to practice what it means to reconnect our wellbeing and our impact (rather than just know or thinking about it) so we can actually sustain our wellbeing AND make an impact.

When you join the Replenishment Room you get access to a participatory community of practice where you can take your commitment to making wellbeing a part of what you do and how you work and with the support of a community of others put it in to practice that you can be more of who you are and what you’re here to do.

Without burning yourself out.

What others say about The Replenishment Room


"This is a space I can be selfish and think about myself, my needs while replenishing my energy to do my work. I think as Coco Chanel said, that 'Once we start thinking about ourselves with the same intensity and commitment that we think about others, we will shine!' "

Eva Baguma, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited


"Joining The Replenishment Room has brought me clarity, and I am encouraged to be a change agent from a place of replenishment. To be part of The Replenishment Room, is to be able to ask questions, read and comment on what I wish in a trusted, ad-free space – so I can be a nourished change maker."

Gee B - Community Member

What is the Replenishment Room?

When we fail to care for and look after ourselves we inadvertently replicate the structures around us that both

1. Expect us to work as hard as possible and expendable


2. Have a hierarchy around who (meaning which groups and communities) have needs and who can meet them

Caring for our own wellbeing is part of being in radical resistance to structures of exploitation and injustice.

It's part of how we can build genuine solidarity and been is resistance to structures of power and inequity.

And it is also the first step in building cultures of collective care both within and beyond our work.

The Replenishment Room is designed to support you to practice this resistance so that you can:

Move from knowing about wellbeing to doing things that actually support you to feel well.

Move from struggling to flourishing.

Move from burnout into impact.

Transform information into embodied knowledge and daily practice. Habit. Reflex.

That’s why we created The Replenishment Room for you. For us.

We want to help you move from knowing about the importance of self-care & wellbeing to practising them and supporting others to do the same so you can make an impact differently.

Our community of practice costs £27 per month and we'd love you to join us.

What you get when you join
The Replenishment Room

Monthly Skill-Building Workshops so you can keep adding incremental self-care skills to your regular life and get into an automatic self-care rhythm.

Virtual Away Day each month (with intention setting call at the beginning of the day) where you take time out of your normal routine alongside us and others in the community. This gives you accountability for time out of your normal routine to focus on your replenishment or the work you enjoy that keeps on being neglected.

Accountability Threads and community connection opportunities so that you can be reminded to care for yourself and learn from others about how to build a habit that works for you.

A Meditation/Relaxation Practice each month you can download and listen to as much as you want so you can get in the habit of calming your central nervous system.

Journaling Prompts so that you can deepen your self-awareness around limits, challenges, strengths, sources of fuel and energy.

Monday and Friday Check-In Prompts so that you can explicitly articulate your wellbeing goals for the week and be personally accountable for them (and celebration them!). This helps you declare your intentions and fortify yourself.

Regular Challenges around critical issues like boundaries so that you can build more foundational skills and learn how to make your wellbeing a priority.

Supportive Community so you know you’re not alone and so you can network with other changemakers and fortify each other.

Specific, Regular Feedback from  Mary Ann responding to your questions and requests for advice in the group threads

Meet the Facilitator

Mary Ann Clements

Mary Ann Clements

Mary Ann Clements is the Facilitator of The Replenishment Room.

She has worked in international development for most of the past two decades. She is passionate about making an impact and, like many change-making professionals, got burnt out in the process.

She wants all of is to be able to create change and have an impact, sustainability, without our impact costing us our well being - and she believes that it can be done.

The Replenishment Room: A participatory community of support for people who want to re-connect their wellbeing and their Impact

What if, by taking better care of yourself, you could make a bigger difference in the world?

Our community costs £27 per month and we'd love you to join us.


Why do you charge for this? How is it different from a free online Facebook Group?

At the Replenishment Room we are deliberately creating a dedicated online space to meet a need.

We don't run this space on Facebook because we want you to engage with this community when you want to away from other content competing to grab your attention.

We want to be able to spend time building this community of practice and resources and so the contribution you make to being here resources that.

In return, we will dedicate time and energy to making and keeping this group useful and supportive and to responding to what members want and need.

I don’t actually work in international development. Can I still join?
Yes absolutely. Anyone interested in issues of global solidarity and collective care is welcome to join us.


I’m not based in the UK, is this community for me too?
Yes. Absolutely. This online community is deliberately accessible from anywhere in the world. If you aren't able to

I (Mary Ann the Facilitator of this space) am also committed to ensuring that money and ability to pay online are NOT barriers to participation.

This stems from my commitment to challenging systems of oppression (including racism, capitalism, ableism, and poverty) in all of my work.

The intention here is to cover the costs of running this community in a sustainable way.

Therefore whilst your payment is invited as a gesture of reciprocity for accessing and using the space we have created which include managing and supporting the space as well as promoting and the general operating costs of my business which make the creation & maintenance of this space possible.

Please consider making a payment if you can to support this work and get the most out of it. In the meantime because I want to make this content accessible and affordable to people anywhere in the world who want to continue to engage with it and I am committed to poverty and personal circumstances not being a barrier to this I also invite you to be in touch with me using this form if you want to access the space and are not able to make a payment at this time.